Industriell Laststyrning i Tjällmo
Konsultföretaget Industriell Laststyrning som gör energikartläggning, energieffektivisering och utbildning

Energy audit

Energy audits, energy efficiency improvement and education are the main focuses for us at Industriell Laststyrning.

We want to use our expertise to contribute to sustainable development, to reduce environmental impact and not least to enhance the competitiveness of businesses and property management.

Our customers are located throughout Sweden, as well as in surrounding countries. The office is located outside Motala in Östergötland and is strategically located close to Örebro and Västergötland "län".

Our Services:

  • Large companies (over 250 employees) (over 250 employees) - Energy auditing with investigative report and proposed measurements. We can also perform simulations using models with different operating conditions.
  • Small and Medium Business (SME / SME) - energy auditing with the investigative report and proposals.
  • Develop and establish energy plans.
  • Help with applications for Energy auditing support from the Swedish Energy Agency.
  • Energy audits – energy certificates of buildings is carried out for buildings concerned in accordance with the Boverket requirements.
  • Energy calculations of buildings and premises.
  • Thermography.
  • Education – training for future energy experts in large companies. Skill training in the field of energy efficiency

Indlast (konsultföretaget Industriell Laststyrning) är ISO 14001 Certifierade
Konsultföretaget Industriell Laststyrning som gör bl.a. Energikartläggning, energieffektivisering och utbildning av olika des slag
Indlast (konsultföretaget Industriell Laststyrning) är ISO 9001 Certifierade