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Energy declaration

Why do we need energy declarations?

The Energy declaration was introduced in Sweden in 2006 by the Law on Energy. The aim is to promote efficient energy use and a good indoor environment in buildings. More information can be found at Boverkets website.

Who will declare the energy audits?

The declaration must be made:

  • Before the sale of a property.
  • For rentals.
  • For larger buildings frequently visited by the public (floor area greater than 250 square meters).
  • New buildings must also be energy declared last two from the time they have been in use.

The declaration is valid for 10 years. It is the building owner who hires an energy expert and is responsible for an energy declaration being performed before the sale and the bidder gets the information about it. When a condominium is sold, the condominium association is responsible for the existence of an energy declaration, but it is the seller that according to the law is responsible for the information transmitted.

How is it done?

  • • We start by gathering the necessary facts about the building and its energy use and a certain analysis and reporting work begins for the building.
  • We will then agree on a day for inspection, which includes a visual inspection of the building. If the outdoor temperature is low enough, also some thermography may be included.
  • After the inspection, we calculate the potential cost-effective energy saving measures and proceed with the registration.
  • When all the data has been processed, a definitive registration is done at Boverket and you will be provided an energy declaration certificate together with a status summary.

Time to declare?

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