Industriell Laststyrning i Tjällmo

Trä industri

Kroonpress is the Baltic region's largest printing company. The company is located in Estonia's second largest city Tartu and currently has an annual turnover exceeding EUR 30 million. The products consist of newspapers, magazines and various forms of advertising. The products are sold in nine European countries.

Eksjö Industri is a fully equipped sawmill. It is part of the Group Eksjöhus Industrier AB. Annual production exceeds 60,000 cubic meters of sawn timber.

Produce various bathroom interior designs. Production takes place in Älghult, Kronoberg län.

Sawmill processing. Production amounts to 42 000 m3 annually and the company is located in Lenhovda.

Sawmills in Hasselfors that annually produce 270 000 m3.