Energy calculations & thermography

Energy calculations

Need help with calculating a U-value of a structure, enveloping area or other important facts that may be needed for new construction, renovation or other situations?

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The infrared radiation, IR, is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum that we perceive as heat. Thermography, or sometimes referred to as thermal imaging, convert an object’s infrared radiation to heat as a visible image that allows us to ‘see’ and ‘measure’ temperature differences in a convenient way.

To help find flaws in a building’s design thermal imaging can be a good tool. With an infrared camera we can help locating:

  • Faults and defects in the insulation of walls and floors.
  • Leaks in doors, windows, joints etc.
  • Draught along the floor.
  • Leaks in ventilation systems.
  • Dampness.
  • Troubleshooting the heating coils in the floor.
  • Certain electricity faults.
  • Highlighting the hidden wear or other changes that suggest that something is about to fail. Nearly everything gets hot before it fails, which means that errors can be detected before a breakdown occurs.

Perhaps you have an elusive problems that might be made visible with the help of thermography?

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