Energy audit of large enterprises (EKL)

On June 1, 2014 the Law (2014: 266) on energy audits of large enterprises (EKL) entered. The law aims to promote improved energy efficiency in large enterprises. The Swedish Energy Agency is responsible for the regulation and supervision of the law.

Energy expert large enterprises (EKL)

We have staff who have successfully performed tests to become energy experts for large companies. The basis of our work is to identify, analyze and monitor energy use. What technical measures that are appropriate to implement is determined from case to case since conditions vary.

The procedure typically include:

  • Collection of data on energy usage, statistics and transportation.

  • Measurement and data collection on site to understand power distribution and, with help of manufacturing times, to develop an energy balance. We have access to electricity metering equipment, including loggers.
  • Review of the building status.
  • Each unit process is analyzed for its energy use and efficiency.
  • Processing of the data collected..
  • Finally, a report is written. Alternatively, an energy plan with all the important facts, such as Energy Agency regulations and proposals are presented in a structured and accessible way.

Measurements are preformed weekly to collect effect and time of the operation.

The measurings are processed and the data is collected.

We can also perform simulations of the energy flows, using the simulation tool ExtendSim. The simulations make the energy audit more dynamic than just showing the current situation of energy consumption. Entry parameters such as production flows and external temperatures can be changed to see how this affects energy use which, for example, provides more accurate data for heating needs and makes it easier to take account of seasonal variations in production. The simulation model is based mainly on measurements that we perform regarding electric loads, temperatures and various flows.

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